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US policies hostage to Israeli regime

Mehr News Agency – Iranian Ambassador to London Hamid Baeidinejad said Thursday that United States’ foreign policy is a hostage to the Israeli regime and doomed to failure.

Israeli-regimeMaking the remarks in an interview with Iranian reporters in London, he said, “as long as US foreign policy is a hostage to the Israeli regime, Washington cannot think about establishing constructive relations with regional countries and all its attempts to meddle in the region will again end in failure.”

Being heavily influenced by Israeli policies is a problem that has always plagued the United States, he said, adding that every stance or policy that Israelis, with all their extremist views, don’t approve of is naturally opposed by the US, as well.

Elsewhere, touching upon US forces’ withdrawal from Syria, the envoy said that US military presence in Syria will not guarantee peace and security and that all countries should recognize the will of Syrian people to create their own desired government.

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