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US Metro Ads: End “Israeli” Apartheid

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Campaign and lobby group “American Muslims for Palestine” [AMP] launched Tuesday a new outdoor advertising campaign that will begin in 25 stations on the Metro North train line near New York City.

The ad will run for four weeks before moving to other cities around the country. The advert slams U.S. aid to “Israel” and uses a quote from Archbishop Desmond Tutu stressing that “Israel” is an apartheid entity. 
The AMP banners came in response to hatred ads that have been appearing at Metro-North stations since last year. In one ad produced in September by the so-called “American Freedom Defense Initiative”, Islam is linked to a rising number of terrorist attacks. The ad declares: “It’s not Islamophobia, it’s Islamorealism”. That prompted community leaders and residents to stage a protest at the White Plains train station. “Today, we’re actually funding apartheid in “Israel” and it’s time for us to stop funding apartheid and to stand for universal justice”, AMP’s chairman, Hatem Bazian said. It is worth mentioning that “Israel” receives more than $ 3 billion from the United States in direct foreign assistance every year. It also gets USD seventy million more in military aid for its missile systems. Bazian added in a statement that the group timed the release of the ads with U.S. President Barak Obama’s visit to the Middle East to underline “his administration’s failure to address the true cause of conflict: “Israel’s” occupation of Palestinian lands and its racist apartheid policies, which subject Palestinians on a daily basis to humiliation, deprivation and a loss of their basic rights, including the freedom of movement”. 

Source: News Agencies

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