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US-“Israeli” Wishes Fulfilled in Bahrain: Hizbullah “Terrorist”

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U.S. – “Israeli” pressures to blacklist Hizbullah culminated but not in Europe. However, they found their way into the Gulf Bahraini Kingdom. Al-Khalifa’s Dynasties unfair moved from the crackdown against civilians into blacklisting a Lebanese resistance group.

In details, the Bahrain’s parliament approved on Tuesday in an unprecedented step an urgent proposal to label Hizbullah a terrorist organization. It further called on the cabinet to coordinate with the country’s Foreign Ministry and with its counterparts in the Gulf Cooperation Council’s nations to put the suggestion in force. The proposal was referred to the cabinet after it succeeded in receiving a majority vote at the parliament“. I demand the FM to collaborate with the GCC countries to crush Hizbullah, “Extremist legislator Jassim al-Saeedi stated at the parliament. Meanwhile, MP Khaled Abdul Aal told CNN television that al-Saeedi’s proposal has a “sectarian basis”, despite the group is a resistance against “Israel”. “His proposal is worthless… Only the king has the authority to adopt such steps”, he added. Similarly, former lawmaker Jassem Murad stated that the proposal was “a wrong decision”, noting that he does not think the cabinet will adopt it. “The kingdom does not need to Immerse itself in such issues”, he clarified, noting that such a decision might have negative consequences on Bahrain and its people. Murad said the vote might have been a result of the withdrawal of al-Wefaq bloc from the parliament.

Source: News Agencies

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