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US breach of N-deal closes doors to negotiations with Iran

Mehr News Agency – Iran – Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader Kazem Sedighi said US’ breach of international promises regarding Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has caused us never let negotiations with the current US president and administration.

IranSpeaking to the Friday prayers participants, Sedighi said that Syria’s triumph is the triumph of Islam, resistance and freedom, adding that Iran and Syria are in a uniform Resistence front. Syria is achieving the last stages of success, he said, adding that these victories abase the United Sates and dampen the spirits of Israel.

“We thank God in this regard and are waiting for the landing of last blows to Takfiri groups [which are] led by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates,” Tehran’s provisional Friday prayers imam added.

So far more than 4,000 Emirati and Saudi mercenaries have been killed in Yemen, he highlighted, adding that Yemen is improving its defensive capabilities day by day, including the range of its ballistic missiles. This is the miracle of martyrs’ blood, Sedighi highlighted.

Elsewhere, he noted that US is in a full-scale economic war against Iran, adding that the Iranian nation who could manage to pass the 8 years of Holy Defense with the minimum equipment will also cross this economic situation.

Criticizing the mismanagement in the country, he urged all officials to take more serious and tangible steps to fight economic corruption and also to unlock the domestic industrial potential.

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