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US arms and trained fighters for Syria rebels arrive in Jordan

Local Editor

A US Air Force plane, loaded with weapons for Syria militants, has arrived in the Jordanian town of Al-Mafraq, where the US has maintained a presence, with its Special Forces and CIA operatives since 2011.

The arrival of the airlifted weapons, reported by Jordanian media, comes only days after it was reported that the US Congress has quietly approved arms shipments to Syria militants to help them topple their government.

According to the Jordanian al-Waha, a new batch of 1,500 gunmen have completed training in a center there for fighting in Syria and are now ready to join thousands of other foreign-backed militants in the war-torn country.

The weaponry, including variety of small arms, as well as some more powerful weapons, such as anti-tank rockets, are flowing to the so-called moderate militants fighting in the south of the country.

The US claims these weapons are sent for those it calls ‘moderate’ militants while al-Qaeda-linked groups, especially al-Nusra Front, remain the strongest armed forces fighting for the US-backed Syrian opposition in Syria and are also active in Jordanian refugee camps.

Meanwhile, Syria’s top Christian leaders have recently visited Washington to call on the US administration to stop supporting Syria militants.

Leaders of five Christian denominations in Syria have also called on Washington to pressure countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to stop sending foreign militants into Syria.

Nearly 130,000 people have been killed and millions displaced due to the Western-backed militancy that has gripped Syria for almost the past three years.

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