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Unifil – ’Israel’ Used Cluster Bombs in Recent Shelling on Lebanon

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“Israel” used cluster bombs to attack Lebanon on Tuesday as a joint committee comprised of the Lebanese Army, UNIFIL and civilians determined on Wednesday after carrying out field inspections on the southern Lebanese border.

Security sources said that the team identified “Israel’s” launch sites as well as 10 areas struck in the shelling of the Kfar Shuba hills and the “Israeli”-occupied Shebaa Farms.

On Tuesday, The Islamic Resistance announced the targeting of a Zionist manned patrol on the “Israeli”-occupied Shebaa Heights on Tuesday as “Israel” continually violates Lebanese airspace, land and water in breach of UN resolution 1701 as well as all international laws and regulations.

“Israel” later launched 23 shells near the Shebaa hills at a rate of about three shells per minute, according to a Lebanese Army statement.

As the surveillance committee concluded its inspection tour on Wednesday, “Israeli” tanks were spotted roaming the western portion of the “Israeli”-occupied Shebaa Farms.
“Israeli” forces also launched a surveillance air balloon 50 meters over the inspection site to snap shots of their work, the sources said.

When cluster bombs explode they eject small munition designed to kill or maim people in the area.
“Israel” dropped some 4 million cluster bombs in Lebanon during the July-August 2006 war, most during the last 48 hours of the conflict, according to the United Nations.

Unexploded munitions still litter much of the south, with the Army’s Lebanon Mine Action Center, the UN and other international organizations continuing to work to remove the deadly ordinance.

Source: Al-Ahednews

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