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UNICEF: ‘Absolute devastation of Gaza already happened’

Press Tv UNICEF spokesperson James Elder has said that “so much suffering is being inflicted on Gaza,” adding that Israel immediately needs to stop bombing the hapless people.

“The intentions must now be clear. The absolute devastation of Gaza, indeed, it’s already happened,” Elder, who is currently in the besieged Gaza Strip, said in a video post on X on Tuesday. “Homes, hospitals, schools, universities, agriculture, the economy… devastated. And still, the bombs fall,” he added.

His remarks came after the US-drafted Gaza truce plan was adopted by the UN Security Council. Fourteen members of the Security Council voted in favor of the proposal for the Gaza ceasefire. Russia abstained.

The three-phase plan envisages the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, the exchange of prisoners, and the reconstruction of the territory.

Hamas said in a statement on Tuesday that it endorses the resolution and is ready to cooperate with mediators to enter more indirect negotiations over the implementation of the resolution.

In a joint statement, the Palestinian resistance groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad said that their priorities are a complete end to the ongoing Israeli aggression and the interests of the Palestinians in Gaza.

White House spokesperson John Kirby said on Tuesday that the US has received Hamas’s formal reply to the ceasefire proposal sent to Qatari and Egyptian mediators. Kirby told reporters that it was helpful to have a response from Hamas and that US officials are currently evaluating it.

At least 37,124 Palestinians, most of them women and children, have been killed in Israeli attacks across the Gaza Strip over the past eight months during the regime’s genocidal war.

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