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Turkish speaker: Ankara attaches importance to strengthening ties with Tehran

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IRNA – Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Jamil Chi-chak said that consolidating ties with Iran is of high significance for Turkey.

In a meeting with Iranˈs Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs, Lotfollah Forouzandeh, he added that Turkey attaches great importance to the neighboring countiesˈ security and considers it as its peace and development.

We are always waiting to hear good news from neighboring states, especially from Iran which share profound commonalities with us,ˈ, he said, hoping that Iranˈs upcoming presidential elections would be held successfully.

I believe that we, the statesmen, shoulder great responsibility for promoting bilateral ties and should avoid disputes,ˈ he said, noting that enjoying different views on international issues is natural.

Forouzandeh, for his part, said, ˈThanks to the ancient history of bilateral ties and numerous commonalities shared by the two, we, the officials, should have further interaction.ˈ 

He also said that efforts should be made to raise the volume of commercial exchanges to target figure of $35 billion.

Appreciating Ankaraˈs support for Iranˈs peaceful nuclear program, he reiterated that development of ties would benefit both nations.

Forouzandeh who is in Turkey at the invitation of Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bakr Buzdagh also conferred with head and members of Iran-Turkey Parliamentary Friendship Group.

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