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Trump’s Main Challenges in the 2020 Election and Why He’s Losing

NourNews – Biden is also ahead of Trump in key states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These are the rotating states that determine the winner of the election, and Trump is not in a good position in these states at the moment, the polls show that Joe Biden could defeat Trump by a higher percentage compared to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

It is a little bit early to say who will win the 2020 election, but Donald Trump is currently losing. Having conducted extensive polls, it shows that Joe Biden is higher in public opinion polls than Trump, and even in Texas, a state that is home to Republicans, poll numbers for Trump and Biden are on par.

If we’re not willing to accept the poll numbers, we have to pay attention to Trump’s words and his presidential campaign, Trump has repeatedly stated in recent weeks that he was not convinced in the current polls and believe that they are wrong, analysts close to him also point to Trump’s backwardness in opinion polls.

Biden is also ahead of Trump in key states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These are the rotating states that determine the winner of the election, and Trump is not in a good position in these states at the moment, the polls show that Joe Biden could defeat Trump by a higher percentage compared to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. However, Trump was in the same situation in the 2016 Presidential Election and was behind Clinton in most of the all polls, but Trump’s surprising victory has convinced the American people that this may happen again.

By trying to open up the US economy early and undermine public health, Trump is trying to bring economic figures to pre-Corona levels and make up for the grievances of the American people, in order to increase his chances of winning in the November election. People have been using their savings and little government assistance in the last few months, and they are becoming more and more pessimistic about the economic situation. It seems that people have realized that this crisis cannot be solved that easily, Trump has to come to terms with that, on the other hand he wants the economy to open up as soon as possible, but the consequences could be devastating and put the United States in a health catastrophe, and when the time comes, the election will be no longer important, and in practice, the US government will be very weak and inefficient, no matter who wins the election.

Trump is trying to push his two-month disregard for seriousness and confrontation with Coronavirus back to China and the World Health Organization, Trump’s talk of postponing the payment of the US share to the WHO and blaming the Organization did not work for him, He is trying to ease the media pressure and control the country’s public opinion, But the point is that his attack on the World Health Organization did not benefit Trump because the American people did not consider WHO an enemy or rival to the US. Trump is now focusing on China and blaming the country, and it seems understandable to the American people that the current situation in the US is China’s fault because that’s how their minds work.

As the main season of the US presidential election approaches, Donald Trump’s attacks on the Republican Party have intensified. Trump’s unprecedented tweet attacks on his party colleagues could cause him a lot of trouble in the run-up to the election, Trump is trying to mobilize all the power of the Republican Party to win the difficult November election, but as criticism of his administration’s performance has grown, especially in the wake of the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, doubts about Trump’s support among some figures and factions in the Republican Party have increased. As the head of state and the highest official of the country, Trump is known for his political, economic, and social turmoil these days, and this has drawn criticism as a President, including his party members.

These contradictory behaviors and inefficiencies have negatively affected the popularity of Trump and the Republican Party, most polls suggest Trump’s popularity is declining in the weeks following the Coronavirus crisis. Also, according to most polls, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has surpassed Trump in the 2020 US presidential election in key states. Some estimates suggest that if the number of people infected with Covid-19 disease continues to rise Unemployment crisis will not subside for around 30 million job seekers, not only will Trump fail in the presidential election; Republicans will also lose the majority of the Senate.

This is important because Trump has turned to extremist and militant groups to escape responsibility and deal with health issues, including quarantine in parts of the United States. Trump’s repeated support for those who are protesting against quarantines and even occupying some governorates with weapons and the Republican Party has been alarm by this move. This Movement is an attempt to separate its ranks from Trump before it is too late, or at least take a critical stance against some of the Trump administration’s policies. With that decision, they hope to avoid major political failures in the future, an approach that has angered Donald Trump against the Republican Party.

The situation of Democratic candidates

The Corona Crisis has created a situation for Trump and his economic gains to take a big hit, and the wave of protests in the United States against his performance on crisis management has risen, this could be the thing the democratic and anti-Trump media have been waiting for, to use it in the November 2020 elections. Democrats are gathering and targeting their energy for the 2020 election. Concerns about the coronavirus spread and the US economic situation have now become important issues for voters, economic expertise and crisis management skills are the main criteria that Democratic voters want to consider even more than executive or legislative experience in electing a vice president. These criteria are even more important for Democrats who are very concerned about losing their jobs or becoming infected with COVID-19. A new poll by CBS News Agency shows that 71 percent of American Democratic voters say Elizabeth Warren should be elected as vice president, Warren is the first choice for this position between white Democrats and liberals, she is also a good choice among those who say that economic expertise is a key criterion.

Elizabeth Warren is also particularly interested in Democrats, who say Biden should choose a liberal or progressive deputy. But there are others who prefer the vice president to be a moderate man that are on the list.

According to Voters, the coronavirus outbreak and the US economy are currently the two main criteria for their selection and emphasize the issue of the economy in particular. It is in these two important areas that Trump has disappointed many with his behavior and actions, in contrast, the Democratic Party’s words and actions can restore the people’s lost trust and hope in the current government.

Joe Biden, who represented the state of Delaware in the US Senate for many years and was Barack Obama’s deputy for eight years, has had good relations with some prominent Republican figures in Congress. Some reports suggest that he is recruiting some influential people who are some of his Republican friends, non-extremist Republicans to criticize Trump himself. The recruitment of these people by Biden and their use of influence can be a weight in changing the outcome of the election in favor of the Democrats.

by Mohammad Ghaderi

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