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Trump’s departure and Biden’s coming to power is a spice for the same rotten fish

The US battle and political agenda still remain, even though it seems like Trump have been defeated. Biden been the current president of United State has not in reality change anything in the fetish US political ambition, rather the change in power is a new dimension to the same goal and purposes of the previous administration; it is nothing different rather is just a touch of spice to the same rotten fish.

Biden in the process of fulfilling his assignment as 46th president of the United State he initials appointed some executive order made up of 15 persons with the purpose to boot US nation in response to the covid-19 pandemic; a battle which Trump seem to have failed in combating, other national policies of trump administration which he wants to amend was the issue on climate change and immigration.

To make it more dramatic and deceiving, Trump, form the journey of America long history, he shattered the event of new presidency by not honoring the inauguration ceremony of Biden, though, because of the coronavirus the ceremony was a bit not too glomming. Following the series of event during the trump, Biden showed readiness to tackle the challenges facing the nation. In this regard, Biden said via tweeter “There is no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face.”

In a statement detailing his executive orders, President Biden will “act not only to compensate for the heavy losses of the Trump administration – but also to start moving our country forward.”

In the case of the corona virus, a series of measures has taken to combat the epidemic that has killed more than 400,000 people in the United States. Wearing a mask and applying social distance will be mandatory on all federal government property, same scenario of the Biden predecessor.

Donald Trump who has used his executive power extensively to advance many of US political agendas, so it is important on how and when Biden will begin to repeal these measures. Joe Biden and his presidential team have to work real intensively to make a really different in affair. Biden administration has also blocked all of Trump’s last-minute regulations awaiting review putting some Trump provocative policies in his policies schedule.

The part which Biden administration taken is comparatively easy to execute but, in order for Biden to make impactive changes in the policies that cannot be repealed even by the future presidents to come after because of the strong impact of Trumpism in US, Biden must pass laws on issues such as pandemic relief, citizenship for undocumented immigrants, health care reform and suffrage protection with the Congress.

One might say that with Democrats in control of the House and Senate, Biden has a chance to succeed, though this requires of overcoming Republican procedural hurdles and keeping the party in line. Biden decades of experience as a legislator can be beneficial.

Biden had signed the procedures on his first call to the Oval Office in the quaternion years. Since then, presidential decrees have often been accompanied by awkward and mystifying announcements. In the early days of Trump’s presence in the White-House, his team was forced to rewrite executive guidelines by court order, and his assistants spent days researching on how to use the White House telecommunication system to inform the press.

Frequent programs for drug addiction as a national ruler were included in a new construction program called “Infrastructure Week”. On the contrary, Biden’s assistants show that they are ready to work right outside the opening of the inauguration.

Biden’s top advisers, controlled by Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed and Stef Steve Feldman his campaign policies chief, commenced mapping executive plans in November, days after Biden presume office which started in a month later. The final documents were reviewed by staff at the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Adviser in the weeks leading up to Biden’s inauguration to ensure they were passing through the legal loophole.

When Biden officially took office, his assistants were to begin overseeing national security roles as they entered the White House and security about the inauguration that took place in the US capital became the almost concerns.

It might seem challenging for Biden to make an impressive impact, even though apparently a president has an autonomy of power in deciding how his nation should collaborate with other nations. So, the United States interaction with other countries and how it influences international policy is within the decision of Joe Biden, many groups of thinkers and researcher have a high hope of anticipation that Biden will move bravely on several foreign fronts.

Many people really look forward to the United State in re-engaging with Iran to revive the nuclear deal which was the major campaign solan of Biden during the 2020 US election; which Trump pulled out from in 2018, in other to slow down the ability in developing nuclear energy. Biden promised a “credible way to return to diplomacy” if Iran “returns to strict adherence to the nuclear deal,” but has fall shot of sight to acknowledge US failure in its commitment towards the deal.

From his statement is very obvious that his action is not different from that Trump but only trying a take a different demission in achieving the same purposes.

Another major Trumpism challenge is the establishing US research cooperation laws with China. Under the previous administration of Trump, some agencies stepped up investigations into scientists who failed to disclose their financial relationships with foreign agencies, leading to criminal, civil, and administrative penalties. Such as (law enforcement agencies, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other agencies).

Many of the known cases are related to researchers who had Chinas nationality or related to Chinese institutions. Opponents believes that the effort was to create racial difference and also had hampered efforts to attract foreign talent. With an anticipation that Biden will facilitate by monitoring these laws. But literally Biden has portrayed be a good wolf with a sheep to protect, and on the hand, China’s repression of Uighurs and other religious minorities may limit efforts to reduce rigidities.

In the case of immigration, groups such as industries and universities hope to live up to the promises of reducing visa restrictions for out-standing students and workers made by Biden. And some have boycotted the Biden Pact to protect so-called dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought to the United States since childhood, and end Trump’s immigration ban by many Muslim nations.

By Adam Dentor

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