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Time to Take a Stand against the Demonic Duo: Saudi Arabia, Qatar

Saudi Arabia. Under the stances slamming Saudi and Gulf sponsorship of terrorism, Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey wrote for “Pravda report”:

saudi-demonThere are two pariah states in the Middle East, two bad boys of the West and two lackeys which implement western policy, two traitors to the Arab people, two blasphemers against Islam, two foci of evil, two followers of demonology, named Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is time someone stood up to these disgusting and cowardly bullies.

Nobody in the west is going to say anything against Saudi Arabia or Qatar, basically because the west is the world’s greatest hypocrite and coward and is governed by corporate greed, into which world the Demonic Duo has wormed its way, rubbing shoulders with the elite, educating their children in the best western schools, doing deals with piles of cash stacked on a table.

Nobody in the west is going to say anything to their faces, or course, which does not mean they do not speak behind their backs. In the corridors of power, Saudis and Qataris are collectively referred to as fat, lazy good-for-nothings who pretend to be so religious at home then as soon as their aircraft takes off they turn out to be totally opposite.

They are criticized for their disgusting human rights records, their revolting abuses against women, their arrogance, aggressive and intrusive intolerance.

And so what does the west have to say when Saudi Arabia and Qatar commit war crimes in Yemen? Nothing. What does the west have to say when these two countries flood Libya and then Syria with terrorists? Nothing. What does the west have to say when Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund Daesh [ISIS/ISIL], directly or indirectly? Nothing.

A WikiLeaks document released recently apparently points towards US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton being aware of the fact that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund Daesh, directly or indirectly but does the United States of America hold them accountable? Enshrined in the law in most countries is the precept that it is illegal to aid or abet or finance criminal activity and doing so entails accountability.

Let us then take the only course of action available. This is not to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and Qatar under the notion that “if we don’t do it someone else will” so to Hell with ethics. A certain foreign secretary may recognize these words. But this is the real world. Saudi Arabia and Qatar may have wallets stuffed full of notes and they may have a lot of oil to sell or weekend breaks in cushy hotels to offer.

The fact of the matter is, these two countries have been guilty of murder not only in Yemen but also in Libya and now Syria and Iraq. If they finance Daesh directly or indirectly, then they are responsible for the acts of the demons they have created and should be forced to pay compensation to the victims, pay compensation to the countries affected and pay for the cultural damage to world heritage. If these two pariah states have directly or indirectly funded Daesh then they are both guilty of the crimes they have committed.

Any business with them is paramount to criminal association and therefore the international community should cut off the cancer where it stands: no contact, no business, and no travels. No Saudi, No Qatar, no problem. How the United States of America does business with these two blasphemers after 9/11 defies logic.

It is time someone stood up against Saudi Arabia and Qatar, called a spade a spade, it is time someone outed these two pariah states for what they are, it is time Muslims themselves stood up against them.

Saudi Arabia claims it is the home of Islam, organizes the Hajj and declares itself as being the defender of the faith but in fact in its acts it is the worst blasphemer of all, committing murder and masterminding, directly or indirectly, the satanic acts of Daesh.

But Saudi Arabia donates some 20 per cent of the Clinton campaign funding. So if Hillary Clinton wins, this satanic pariah, re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council recently, will continue to act as it pleases.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are an insult to Islam and to the international community.

Source: Pravda Report

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