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The presence of terrorist elements inside Iran

One of the points emphasized in the analysis of the recent disturbances in Iran is the presence and role of foreign intelligence services to make the country of Iran insecure and busy inside.

Before the beginning of the crisis, French intelligence officers were directly present in Iran, setting up protest centers. After their arrest, now the guidance is done secretly and in various guises, including the Persian language media.

One of the main lines of operations against Iran is to create widespread insecurity with the aim of breaking the security authority of Iran, creating intimidation in the people and keeping the fire of riots burning. In this context, the series of observations, investigations and operations carried out so far led to the identification and arrest of all the actors who directed the scene, operated and supported the terrorist act in the Shahcheragh holy shrine. In addition, a number of other agents who had entered the country for similar operations were also arrested. In this way, 26 Takfiri terrorists have been arrested so far.

The separate confessions of several terrorists indicate that following the riots in the country, Takfiri elements have been called to carry out operations in our country. Some of the mentioned terrorists were preparing and providing necessary arrangements for other terrorist operations, including in Zahedan.

Since there is a proper information elite on the citizens of the country and the compatriots are not willing to participate in inhumane actions including the killing of innocent people, the intelligence services abuse the citizens of other countries. Among all the arrested people, there are non-Iranians with the nationalities of Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Iran, Attacks on terrorist groups in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

Targeting the school and ordinary people is false, although this school was affiliated with the anti-revolution, but even during the attacks, the safety of families and students was considered.

The recent attacks are only considered to defend the security of the Republic of Iran, terrorist groups are planning and organizing military operations against the Republic of Iran using their camps in the region.

In relation to the activities of terrorist groups in the region, more than 12 protest letters have been delivered to the authorities of the region during the recent period, but no effect has been observed in the movements of these groups, but their terrorist actions have increased.

Action taken by the Iranian government to target terrorist groups is based on maintaining the security of the country, the elements of these groups are seeking to disturb the security of our country by sending a team inside the country under the guidance of the Zionist regime. In one of the recent actions, they planned to bomb in one of the sensitive centers, and all the members of the team were arrested and confessed to their actions.

There are no restrictions on the return of elements affiliated with terrorist groups to the country, but if someone has a private complaint, he must take action to satisfy the complainant. During the last one year, a large number of gangs’ affiliates have expressed regret and demanded to return to Iran, and maximum cooperation has been done in this direction, and all the returnees are now living freely inside the country like other people.

Inspired by the identity of the Joker in Riot Games

The recent disturbances are not excluded from the fact that every action, behavior and activism has one or more cognitive elements and specific theoretical foundations; Therefore, this issue highlights the need to know the theoretical foundations for creating chaos in our country. It seems that rereading the foundations of the theory, “anarchism”, provides the theoretical means and justification for action in the situation perceived by the counter-revolution and opponents of today’s Iran, and “jokerism”, the illustrated example of the ideal for implementing theoretical measures to “create chaos” ” and then “infrastructural changes”.

Among the products produced in recent years, “Joker” is a noteworthy subject and his symbol was seen in the developments of different countries. The presence of people with the image of “Joker” in the protests and riots of 2018 in Lebanon and Iraq gained media dimensions, and some media, especially those who believe in the revolution, analyzed the events of November 2018 in the context of its Joker. In November 1400, a person dressed as a joker attacked people in the Tokyo subway and injured 18 people.

Violence is the common feature of all these disturbances and Joker somehow theorizes violence and gives it a reason or in the mildest analysis, it shows the context and reasons for violence by the marginalized class.

The Joker represents rebellion against the existing order. A system that turns a harmless person into a ruthless killer and introduces violence as a tool of activism by showing violence in context. On the other hand, it also removes two ambiguities for the uprising: 1- Alternative 2- Leader.

Joker is a marginalized person and lacks any special features. A problem that is different from the traditional ideas of the leader of social trends. Hence, it challenges the traditional understanding of a leader and thus makes everyone a prime candidate for action (chaos). On the other hand, it does not have a theory for its action, and it does not even consider itself political, and it questions the necessity of the existence of an alternative in the sense of thinking or organization. The two gaps that the opponents suffer from in order to confront the Islamic Republic of Iran and think about and plan for it behind the scenes of taking action against the regime.

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