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Islamic Revolution, the great message of Iranians on Bahman 22

Mehr News Agency – The widespread presence of the Iranian people on the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution is a further victory for the country.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States and his entourage in the White House, especially those in the last months, particularly John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, have been struggling to make a difference between the nation and the government of Iran. However, the widespread presence of the Iranian nation has thwarted these actions.

The Iranian nation yesterday gave a great lesson to the controversial president of the United States; that Trump, like other US presidents over the past forty years, would not have the power to confront the Iranian government and nation. Undoubtedly, Donald Trump will concede a very tough defeat to Iranians like the previous presidents of the United States.

On the other hand, the Iranian nation has shown that it has a good understanding of current developments in the world and the United States. Neither the victory nor the failure of one of the two traditional American parties could change the American authorities’ policies towards our country. The hostility of the US Democrats and Republicans to our nation and the vicious and extensive efforts of the two to confront the foundations of the Islamic Revolution of Iran have been proven to all. In this equation, there’s no difference between Jimmy Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump.

The president of the United States, like his predecessors, has been working hard to confront the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The formation of an action group against Iran by the US Department of State can be analyzed and evaluated from different dimensions. In recent months, the news about the formation of an action group against Iran by the Trump government has attracted the attention of Western media. The western sources deal with this news in such a way that one may come to think it’s an unprecedented action in the four last decades, and the US government has never been involved in direct opposition against Iran! But in spite of Trump and Pompeo’s efforts to make this measure seem unique, we have repeatedly been witnessing such fertile efforts by the United States over the past four decades.

Rallies in Iran displayed the White House’s complete defeat against the nation and the Iranian government. Undoubtedly, Donald Trump and John Bolton have already lost their power of analysis over Iran. On the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran, with a great victory over the United States, will stand with greater power against the White House plots. An issue that has severely aggravated Trump and his entourage.

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