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The Alms of Century versus the Deal of Century

Deal of Century – One of the most important goals of the Christian Zionism is to start war for eliminating great powers and dividing vast countries into smaller ones. The number of countries before the World War was less than 100, but now there are 205 countries in the world along with newly-independent ones. After the collapse of the Russian, Japanese, German, Austrian, Hungarian and Ottoman empires during WWI, the U.S., France, and Britain were victorious countries. With Sykes–Picot Agreement (1917), which was in fact a confidential agreement between France and Britain benefiting from Russian support, the Ottoman Empire became Turkey. Then Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine divided between France and Britain. According to the agreement Palestine should be governed by these countries.

While the geographical boundaries of the European countries have been identified and recognized by WWl, WWll, and tens of millions casualties, the aftermath of the war still continues to divide countries and create new borders, especially in west of Asia. The battle of Armageddon or end of the world battle, is the prediction of the Christian Zionists about the war against the Muslims, and claims that the “Promised Land” should ultimately be created. The origin of the Promised Land is Balfour Declaration for forming a greater Israel. In 1917, British Foreign Secretary James Balfour in a letter to the British-Jewish Lord Lionel Rothschild announced the British Government’s agreement for formation a Jewish state in Palestine. 

Before the defeat of the Allies in WWl, the Christian Zionism in London sent the Balfour Declaration to the powerful Rockefellers in the U.S. to encourage it to enter the war in favor of the Allies. The U.S. accepted the war and subsequently the Britain forces in Egypt occupied Palestine. On 9 December 1917, General Edmund entered Quds and finished Crusades after 450 years since its beginning by defeating Ottoman Empire. 

Theodor Herzl, in Basel, Switzerland, also announced the creation of “Jewish State” by completely occupying Palestine and forming a Jewish land. In the world order after WWl that was followed by the Allied victory, the Balfour Declaration applied and the Zionists occupied Palestine with the help of Britain in 1948.

Trump’s hidden intention is also to recognize the Jewish land, which is spreading from Nile to Euphrates. The transfer of the U.S. embassy to Quds and the presentation of the Deal of the Century project is the beginning of the complete occupation of Palestine and other Islamic countries to create the Promised Land. Recently, the Zionist Regime passed the “nation-state” law at the Knesset, which introduced the whole Palestine and Golan Heights as part of the “Jewish land’.  

In the Deal of the Century, Trump changed the conditions for Arabs in the Deal of the Century. At first Arabs were supposed to make peace with the Zionist regime by taking their lands, and it was assumed that after solving Palestine’s problem, Arabs relations with the Zionists would be normal. Now, these countries must normalize their relations with The Zionist regime, and also offer Palestine to Israel to solve the country’s problem. The difference is that this time there are no Palestinian citizens in this country. 

In 2018, Trump cut funding to UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) from $ 360 million to $ 60 million, after moving the U.S. embassy to Quds, closing the PLO office in Washington, and blocking their bank accounts. In Trump’s view, gradual cutting of facilities or torturing should make the Palestinians to abandon their country considering work incentives. Trump’s actions violate Resolution 242 and Arab League resolutions in 1983 and 2002, which claim that there should not be any relations with countries that recognize Quds as the capital of Israel.

Trump’s peace plan known as the Deal of the Century for ending Israel-Palestine conflict, is similar to “Containment” plan of the U.S. diplomat George Kennan against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with $ 100 billion investment, should establish a security belt to counter Iran’s influence against Israel and to meet the U.S. interests. In the process of implementing the plan, Palestine should gradually disappear in the future development of the Middle East, and its territory would be handed over to foreign investors affiliated with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. These organizations are supposed to bring prosperity to the Palestinians who are now entering the labor market as cheap workers of multinational companies. 

Kushner represented the Deal of the Century project in Manama in line with Trump’s restrictive actions. He believes that by financially supporting of investors and strengthening economic and commercial infrastructures around Palestine, this political and security dispute can find an economic solution to Palestinian youth welfare projects. 

Kushner said, “Our discussion in the Deal of the Century was not about politics. We aim to create a great business and tourist center in Gaza and West Bank where the entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, and CEOs of multinational companies can work. At the same time, the region’s economy would be more integrated and people would be more advanced.” 

He even avoid saying the Palestinian economy would be more integrated and the Palestinian people would be more advanced. Kushner referred to Palestinians as fool and uncultured people. He emphasized that in recent years, instead of innovating, the Palestinians have received greatest financial support in the world, with no plans and no goals.   

In the first project of the Deal of Century, He also underlined that the problem of Palestinian refugees could be solved by settling the West Bank displaced Palestinian population in Jordan. To this end, a vast area on the south of Amman is considered to be a new capital. This area is supposed to be a large economic and commercial area supported by investors of multinational companies. Israel, in contrast, has promised Jordan to create a channel between Al-Bahr al-Mayyit and Gulf of Aqaba and make it a tourism hub in the region. 

The second project is carrying out in the Sinai Peninsula.  Kushner plans to create a free industrial zone near Gaza, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE investments. He aims to move the Gaza strip population to this area, which currently has the highest unemployment rate in the world. President of Egypt Sisi has also launched the project, and transferred the Egyptian population of the northern Sinai Peninsula with the excuse of fighting with ISIL.  

The third project is about Neom, Saudi Arabia, which lies along the Red Sea coast and near Jordan’s borders. Neom will be the first smart city in the Middle East. It will have various tourist facilities along with the Red Sea tourism zone project, and will attract lots of Palestinian youth who are looking for a job. With this $ 50 billion project, we can push the boundaries.

Despite all the discussion about the Deal of the Century, and given Mahmoud Abbas’s absence from the Manama summit, it is not clear that who or which groups should negotiate with the U.S. about Palestine. The project will certainly increase the complexity of Israeli-Palestinian crisis. 

The most effortless way for solving Palestine’s problem is to give $104 billion to the U.S., Brazil and their allies to make the Zionists emigration possible to the U.S. or any countries that recognize Quds as the capital of Israel, within 10 years. This amount of money can be raised by collecting alms from Muslims during this period of time. Surely the Zionist emigration brings peace to the region and the world.

By Mohammad Ghaderi

(@ghaderi62) (Editor – in Chief of Tehran Times)

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