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Iran – Tehran International Book Fair (Tibf)

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Tehran International Book Fair is staged in Tehran early in May on an annual basis. The cultural event has turned into a landmark, momentous book fair in Middle East and Asia after 27 editions in a row.
Millions of visitors inspect the fair every year, including thousands of university students, scholars and their families. The event currently serves as the most significant cultural event in Iran.
Number of publishers at hand and country of origin
Average 2,500 domestic and 600 foreign publishers participate in the landmark event. The foreign publishers substantially offer their materials in English or Arabic however titles in French, German, Chinese, Korean or Japanese are also available.
Publishers participating in the 27th edition of the book fair in May 2014 represented over 60 countries. The fairground was 75 thousand square meters in area and the event run for 10 days.
Direct book sales
All books are up for grab through direct sales during the event. In the TIBF event last year, over 120 billion Rials (nearly $38 million) worth of books were sold.
Panel discussions and other cultural projects
Hundreds of cultural projects are carried out during the term of the landmark Tehran event as sidelines activities, including book review sessions, face-to-face meetings with Iranian authors, lecture sessions, and writing workshops. In the latest edition of the TIBF event over 250 sessions of the kind were staged in a center in the fairground called House of Authors.

Number of visitors
Over five million people inspected the 27th edition of the TIBF event staged in early May 2014 out of which an estimated one million people inspected the pavilions dedicated to foreign publications.
Registration to TIBF
Foreign publishers willing to join the next edition of Tehran International Book Fair are invited to visit Iran pavilion in Book Fair for registration affairs or otherwise register directly through the website of the event available through www.tibf.ir

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