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Taliban terrorists using drug money to finance attacls on Muslims

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Notorious takfiri terrorists of outlawed Taliban are using drug money to finance their terrorist attacks aimed at killing Muslims in the name of jihad against the crusaders.

“The logic is rather overwhelming. Drug traffickers have a substantial presence in the region where the Taliban also operate,” said a senior US official while talking to a Pakistani newspaper Dawn’s Washington-based correspondent. “They cannot move through that area without support from the Taliban.”

It is interesting to add here that Pakistani defense analysts and former spymasters believed that the Taliban in also on U.S.-led ISAF’s payroll. Former Director General ISI said so on the record in a talk show of an Urdu news channel. It means U.S.-led coalition of the willing was covering up its own role and its own involvement in the Afghanistan-based narcotics business.

The U.S. official noted that the drug trade was the single biggest revenue maker for Taliban, which was a direct problem for Pakistan.

“Obviously, TTP is earning revenue, when an illicit drug moves through their areas. We are almost 100 per cent certain that they are,” the official added.

He pointed out that about 85 per cent of the world’s heroin was produced in Afghanistan and traffickers were using local routes for smuggling it out of the region.

US officials say that about 40 per cent of the heroin produced in Afghanistan transits through Pakistan and about 10 per cent is sold inside Pakistan. A convicted drug smuggler Afridi was released and flown from a jail in Pakistan on the U.S. desire in the past.

Source: abna.ir

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