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Syrian Opposition Coalition Names Provisional Gov’t

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The so-called Syrian National Coalition of the Turkey-based opposition named a provisional government on Tuesday for what the militiamen-held areas, Reuters reported.

The move came after three days of heated discussions in Istanbul, and despite Western opposition, according to coalition members.

The new-born cabinet will be led by Ahmad Tomeh, elected earlier by the coalition to head the government.

The coalition announced the ministers who have been agreed on during the General Assembly meeting. They are Deputy Prime Minister Iyad Qudsi, Mustafa Assaeid for the Ministry of Defense, Ibrahim Miro for the Ministry of Finance and Economics, Mohammad Yasin Najjar for the Ministry of Telecommunication and industry, Othman Bedewy for the local administration, Fayez Zaher for the Minister of Justice, and Elias Wardeh for the energy and livestock, Walid Zubi for infrastructure and agriculture and Taghreed al-Hajali for the Minister of Culture and family Affairs.

The US and other Western backers of the coalition are hoping an interim administration could be inaugurated after proposed peace negotiations in Geneva.

However, observers believe there is a difficulty that this government be able to perform properly because of the different attitudes between factions of the opposition, which claims control over various regions in Syria.

Source: Al Manar

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