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Syria: Mursi’d Better Close Israeli Embassy not the Syrian

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The Syrian government on Sunday condemned Egypt’s decision to cut ties with Damascus and back the armed opposition groups against President Bashar al-Assad, calling it an “irresponsible” move.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns this irresponsible position”, an unnamed Syrian official told state news agency Sana.

The official said Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi had joined the “conspiracy and incitement led by the United States and Israel against Syria by announcing the cutting of ties yesterday”.

“Syria is fully confident that this decision doesn’t reflect the will of the brotherly Egyptian people who have shared strong and firm relations with the Syrian people that have contributed to protecting security and stability in the region against all the invaders and aggressors since the dawn of history”, said the source.

He added that those ties between the Syrian and Egyptian peoples “were crowned by the October Liberation War which made an important victory for the Arab nation and people over the Israeli enemy”, noting that Mursi announced the severing of ties to deflect attention from internal crises.

“Mursi had better bubble with this excitement when announcing the closure of the Israeli embassy and cutting off ties with an enemy that is still killing the Palestinian brother right before Mursi’s very eyes and at a very short distance from Egypt”, the source indicated.

Mursi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood, announced Saturday the “definitive” severing of ties with Syria, and the recall of Egypt’s charge d’affaires in Damascus.

Source: Al Manar

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