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Sheikh Qassem: Obama’s Visit Support for “Israeli” Terrorism

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Hizbullah’s Deputy Secretary General, His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem stated, “Our region today is unstable and witnesses employment of new political balances. All our countries are subject to chaos, even those that harbor terrorism; they are not away from being affected by chaos and crises. ” During a memorial ceremony, Sheikh Qassem added, “We face an American -” Israeli “plan that uses two effective tools in this region; sabotage through secession, and sabotage through terrorism,” Underscoring, “we face secession and terrorism that eventually led to the murderous crime of Sheikh Mohammad al-Bouti, and the whole world Accentuated his prestigious rank and role. This just confirms that murderers can not bear the voice of Righteousness and do not want dialogue”. 

Moreover, regarding Obama’s visit to “Israel”, Sheikh Qassem described “his visit and main slogan as supporting” Israeli “terrorism in the region. Obama tries to compensate the great losses” Israel “witnessed recently, especially after the” Israeli “Knesset elections, where it revealed that the “Israeli” society is entirely dispersed”.  Israeli “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could not make one unified party, so he was obliged to make a mix of different orientations to form his government, and this kind of government can not make decisions to run the country”, he added. “Hizbullah has the courage to say that it will Endure despite the U.S., “Israel”, and all their supporters”, His Eminence stressed. “We are more determined today to prevent” Israel “from achieving anything if it did anything foolish”, Sheikh Qassem reiterated. “We hoped that statements were issued to condemn the “Israeli” violation of Lebanese airspace. However, I do not know what silenced these voices so keen on domestic secession and kindling crises in the region”, he concluded. Source: al-Ahed News

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