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Sheikh Qassem: Hizbullah – FPM understanding strategic

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Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General, His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem stated Wednesday that “the understanding between Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement is based on a set of topics that concern both parties as well as Lebanon”.

He further noted that “the rules followed in this understanding are comprehensive national rules”.
In remarks to al-Nour Radio station, His Eminence highlighted, “We agreed in the understanding that our domestic work is based on respecting the legitimate rights of the Lebanese parties”.
“We also agreed upon refusing sectarian secession and prioritizing patriotism”, the Hizbullah top official mentioned.
He further stressed, “The value of the understanding was not only on paper, but was implemented in practical conduct; in electoral alliances and dangerous situations when “Israel” attacked Lebanon back in 2006, as well in all challenges that we had faced”.
Meanwhile, Sheikh Qassem underscored, “We have similar stances and we always establish common grounds, regarding the electoral law, the Syrian crisis, and the governmental participation”.

On a similar note, Sheikh Qassem added, “This understanding wasn’t limited to the leaderships, but reached [popular] bases; we sent Hizbullah officials to gather with the Movement’s audience, and the Movement also sent leaderships to gather with Hizbullah’s audience”.
His Eminence concluded, “The understanding has a strategic character and is not temporary”, underlining, “Lebanon’s strength is based on this understanding that broke sectarian barriers and proved that diverse parties that have different visions can reach common grounds to build Lebanon the free and independent nation”.

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