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Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah Will Not Give up Brothers Displaced, Killed in Syria

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Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem iterated that Hezbollah’s choices regarding “Israel” are clear, highlighting that martyrs of Jihad duty are martyrs of the resistance against “Israel”.

His Eminence clarified that Hezbollah does not have a military and political wings, but rather has a vision based on unified visions and goals; confronting the Zionist enemy.

Moreover, Sheikh Qassem stressed, “Hezbollah will not give up our brothers who were displaced and killed in Syria, and will not merely watch the international and regional conspiracy on the resistance aiming at widening “Israel’s” scope of power”.
“We must face them and tell them that your schemes will not pull through and we will always defend this goal that drives us to perform our Jihad duties to stop Israel”, he added.

“Events in Syria have nothing to do with Islam or reforms but with a systematic destruction of Syria to strike the resistance, otherwise let [the fighting parties] sit down together and deal with their issues”, His Eminence stated.
As to the Lebanese political file, he emphasized, “Whoever wants a fair electoral law must commit to certain criteria, chiefly the proportionality law that March 14 rejects”.

“Hezbollah and Amal Movement do not have a problem with any proposal but they do not wish for any of their allies to feel prejudiced. The proportionality law is the just law that gives everyone their right”, Sheikh Qassem noted.

Source: al-Ahed News

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