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Sheikh Qaouk: Resistance Activates Quantitative, Qualitative Military Potential

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Deputy Head of Hizbullah’s Executive Board His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk saw that “the resistance succeeded in activating its qualitative and quantitative military potential, and is now in the peak of its power from 1982 to date”.
During a ceremony honoring 1200 girls from Southern Lebanon who wore Hijab, His Eminence stated, “This resistance represents the strategic national need to confront any “Israeli” attempt on investing the Syrian crisis”.

“Our national duty obliges us to fortify the country and the resistance’s accomplishments obliges us to not allow the US or “Israel” to achieve any gains”, he added.

“Lebanon’s strength is in the Army-people-resistance balance. Meanwhile, “Israel” bids on the change of government and parliamentary elections to change this balance, however the US and “Israel” did and will only reap disappointment, because Lebanon has strong and solid balances, much stronger to be changed by regional and foreign dictations”, Sheikh Qaouk reiterated.

“Just like we won over “Israel” militarily, we are currently winning over the US politically by forming the government and holding parliamentary elections”, he stated.

Moreover, His Eminence stressed that the political government is under formation right now, and the unity of Hizbullah, the Amal Movement, and the Free Patriotic Movement is certain. “We do not allow anyone to be undermined or ruled out, and we are careful to undergo the path of conciliation to form a complete political government”.

Source: al-Ahed News

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