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Sayyed Nasrallah to Takfiris: We will Capture You, We will Put an End to Terror

Local Editor

Seaking at a ceremony celebrating the 7th anniversary of the July 2006 victory against the Israeli enemy, and only one day after the terrorist attack against citizens in Ruwais, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that Hezbollah will capture the murderers and put an end to their terror.

“… and if the battle against those Takfiri terrorists required that I go along with all Hezbollah to Syria, we will all go to Syria,and as we triumphed in all our wars with Israel,if you want us to enter this battle against you, with all our power,I tell the Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians and all the people of the region, that we will also triumph in the battle against destructive Takfiri terror, God willing,” he assured.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that the goal of these Takfirists is to stir up sectarian incitements among Lebanese, calling upon the Lebanese people to be aware of that.

He further stressed that those terrorists did not belong to the Sunni sect.

“They are not Sunnis, they don’t belong to any religion, sect, nation, or people. They are neither Syrians, nor Palestinians or Arabs or Muslims or Sunnis. They are murderers and they adopt murderers’ logic.”

On another hand, his eminence warned Israelis that the era of “military tourism” in Lebanon was over, indicating that “if Israeli soldiers set one foot in the Lebanese territories which were cleansed by the blood of our martyrs, these legs will be cut off along with their necks.”

Translated by Sara Taha Moughnieh

Source: Al Manar


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