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Sayyed Al-Houthi Slams Saudi Arabia: Yemen Will Not Sacrifice its Independence

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The leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement said his countrymen will defend their land and will not sacrifice their “dignity” and “independence” in the face of Saudi Arabia’s relentless attacks.

“Today there is an invasion and attempts to occupy this country, and it is of importance that the Yemeni people are aware of this truth that there are those who wish to control this country,” saidthe leader of the Yemeni Ansarullah movement Sayyed Abdul-Malik Baderddin al-Houthi during a television broadcast on Tuesday.

He also said that Washington and Riyadh are responsible for the suffering of the people in the region, and that the “Israeli” regime and Saudi Arabia were “a shared entity in a single project.”

Referring to the Saudi war on Yemen, he noted that “everyone must move to the front lines.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the kingdom carried out over 100 airstrikes throughout the northwestern Sa’ada province. In one of the raids, a woman and child lost their lives.

At least five people were killed and several more injured when jets targeted regions around the capital Sana’a. Several residential areas were also bombed in the western province of Hudaydah.

Yemen had been under military strikes on a daily basis since Saudi forces launched their military aggression against the country on March 26.

About 6,400 people had reportedly lost their lives in the Saudi airstrikes, and a total of nearly 14,000 people had been injured since March. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, over 500 children had been among the fatalities.

Source: Al-Ahed news

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