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Salehi hails syrian opposition’s willingness to talk with government

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Speaking in a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday, Salehi said opponents in Syria range from mercenaries to people who seek civil freedoms.
“On the other side , there is the legal government of Syria which has the power to confront the mercenaries who have been armed from abroad and is not to collapse as thought by some people at the beginning”, said Salehi.

He further urged all sides to “let political process in Syria move forward in a natural way, in other words, Syrians themselves should sit at negotiation tables and solve problems”.
Salehi said there is no other solution and the head of “the National Coalition for Opposition Forces” Moaz al-Khatib said the Syrian rebels has said he is ready to negotiate with the Syrian government.

In parallel, he rejected the allegations about the presence of Iranˈs military forces in Syria and said these charges are leveled to disturb public opinion.

The Iranian foreign minister denounced any foreign interference in the process of such negotiations and noted that foreign players should only facilitate convergence among the two sides.

Source: News Agencies

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