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Resistance Front has brought security to region

Mehr News – Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Maj. Gen. Bagheri congratulated the Resistance Front on recent victories in Iraq and Syria, saying “these victories brought security to the region.”

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Bagheri made the remarks at International Conference on Regional Security Order in the West Asia which is being held in commemoration of the memory of Imam Khomeini and the Holy Defense martyrs in Tehran.

“The West Asia region is considered one of the world’s top ten geopolitical regions and is considered to be the most important region in the world. After World War II, there were three Soviet-American strategic fronts, including Southwest Asia, in which the Arab-Israeli wars took place,” Bagheri pointed out.

“West Asia became more important as time passed, especially after the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran and the Soviet Union collapsed West Asia region assumed more importance,” adding “no doubt whoever rules over this region, would be a superior power.”

“The world’s largest fossil resources are in this region, and the strategic crossroads such as the Strait of Hormuz have increased its importance and have attracted the attention of global powers, and anyone who rules over it, it becomes a superior power,” Bagheri added.

“Britain, the Old Fox, occupied Iraq and Palestine in post-Second World War, under the pretext of the Holocaust to settle the Jews in the land of Palestine. They wanted to take from the Euphrates in Iraq to Nile in Egypt,” he asserted.

Chief of Staff of Armed Forces further explained that “Britain followed by the United States backed the child-killer Israeli regime in its crimes, and now decaling the Quds Jerusalem as the capital of a fake Zionist regime is their last conspiracy that Muslims will not remain silent about it, and it will bring about a new Intifada.”

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