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Report: Mossad cooperates with certain States

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The Israeli notorious secret service Mossad has collaborated with a number of governments in Muslim countries in fields of security, intelligence and military, a report published on the regime’s official army website reveals.

The report then alleges that the list of Muslim governments that collaborate with Mossad include Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

In working with these countries, the Israeli regime is able to obtain information on movements inside Bahrain, Iran and Palestine. The report also claims that Israeli and Saudi intelligence are in close contact and have a thriving relationship.

Mossad’s ex-chief Meir Dagan also visited Saudi Arabia to cooperate on certain matters. Moreover, the report contains details of Saudi Arabia authorizing the Tel Aviv regime to conduct research in the Red Sea after Washington applied pressure on the Arab kingdom in 1982.

In 2011, the New York Times revealed that Israel had approved of an arms deal between Germany and Saudi Arabia in a bid to improve relations, while the regime also sold a variety of military equipment to the UAE, including radars and relevant equipment.

Notably, the report admits that Israel played a role in the assassination of a Moroccan opposition leader in return for the former Moroccan King Hassan allowing Jews in his country to migrate to Israel.

Radars, air traffic control systems and air navigations systems were also sold to Algeria through Israeli coordination.

While conducting arms sales to Azerbaijan and Afghanistan via Pakistan, Israeli regime also reportedly took advantage of Azerbaijan as a mutual friend between themselves and Iran to gather intelligence on the Islamic Republic.

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