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Remnants of Trump for the American people

Trump enters the 2020 election with his poor performance in his domestic and foreign achievements in the United States. While Corona was a virus, Trump considered it an enemy and prepared the US military for a wrong war. Trump’s inability to deal with the Corona epidemic will be recorded as one of the greatest catastrophes in US history, in which hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives and millions lost their jobs.

Trump’s mismanagement of the corona sparked US ridicule on the world stage, with Trump blaming the World Health Organization for his shortcomings, while on the day the WHO declared a state of emergency, Trump confidently predicted that the corona is not a serious threat for America. The consequence of this shortcoming was that the spread and damage of the corona and the resulting unemployment rate have never been greater in any nation than in the United States, and the number of deaths due to the virus in the United States could not be compared with any other country.

With the outbreak of the corona, no nation has received billions of dollars in government aid as much as the American people. About $ 3 trillion in national treasury wasted due to the White House‘s incompetence in misunderstanding the virus, making the United States one of the worst countries in the world. The mass deaths in nursing homes and the belief in the idea of a US policy of whitewashing under Trump made blacks and non-white immigrants make up the majority of Corona victims. More than 210,000 deaths and the presence of tens of millions of unemployed Americans in the subsidy system are a clear example of the instability of Trump’s policies, which revealed the marked decline of US global prestige as a world superpower and Trump’s disastrous performance.

The United States is no longer a country that is a model and strategic partner for the rest of the world. Political confusion over the vacuum created by the US global leadership to deal with the virus has even raised security concerns for Europe, China and Russia. Europe soon became America’s rival and China the first economic partner became a potential enemy, and Russia, as an equal power, began a security and military challenge with the United States by withdrawing from the INF.

Trumps First America Idea, closed the initiative and the field of action for the people of the United States and its American allies and put the brakes on world politics and economy. The world order collapsed sooner than expected, and America’s global leadership was called into question. With the withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA agreement and the Paris Memorandum, a regressive step was taken for US foreign and security policy. Even in the UN Security Council, countries that were allies of the United States which were strongly opposed to Iran’s regional policies, did not support the US proposal to activate the trigger mechanism against the mullahs’ government.

In the economic sector, while Trump promised in the 2016 election campaign that he could completely eliminate the federal debt in 8 years, But the US national debt increased to $ 66,000 billion during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Although Republicans in the administration and Congress tried to make up for the budget deficit with rapid economic growth by cutting taxes, they failed. The shock of $ 6.6 trillion in debt has left workers’ wages and wages unmatched by most American workers, and only the rich have become much richer by investing in quick-return resources and refusing to invest in the capital market.

Even Trump’s tax law increased the financial incentives for American companies to invest in China, and the increase in investment did not materialize in the United States as promised by the Trump administration and the Republicans. Even in Trump’s trade war with China, many jobs were lost, and US farmers suffered huge losses as a result of China’s retaliation.

The United States is now buying goods and services from countries around the world more than ever before in history. During Trump’s four-year tenure, the negative balance of US foreign trade peaked at $ 2.1 trillion. The trade deficit in July 2020 broke the record of the last 12 years and reached 63.6 billion dollars.

Trump’s big mistake in managing the interior was that he considered the army and the threat of the people as the solution due to the misunderstanding of the concepts of war four years. Trump once again confused crisis management to curb protests with war management, threatening the American people as an enemy, and trying to deal with unrest and restore order in a disorganized and polarized society with police and military. But in a free and dynamic American society, overcoming security and police demands over political demands did not solve the problem of dealing with the demonstrators, and even increased the number of internal and external problems of the United States.

Trump repeated the mistake of previous presidents, ignoring that racial discrimination is a structural issue in the United States, and that the era of a policy of protecting whites and controlling blacks to maintain order with boots and bayonets is over. The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy on immigration has also led to the separation of at least 5,500 families from their children and their imprisonment.

The situation in the US judiciary, like domestic and foreign developments, was awful. Under Trump, two prosecutors resigned because of Trump’s intervention and pressure. Trump appointed 46 federal judges in three years, twice as fast as Obama‘s 55 in eight years.

At a time when Mueller’s controversial report on Russia’s infiltration of the 2016 US election, after two years of investigation, cost $ 150 million, 3,000 subpoenas, 500 eyewitnesses, 500 search warrants and 230 warrants for various investigations; In March 2019, 448 pages were published about the influence of Russian agents in the 2016 US elections; Prior to his release, Trump forced him to write at the end of each chapter the results of his investigation, which by law, the guilt of American president is not proven.

But the people of the United States should know that in addition to that Trump’s guilt is not proven, 35 people were indicted for colluding with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, several of whom were key members of Donald Trump’s campaign. In his report, Müller described in detail the Russian government’s organized involvement in the election in favor of Trump’s campaign, and resigned after the release of the Justice Department report on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election in favor of Trump.

But Müller made a historic move, admitting that if he invoked laws that could have prosecuted the president; Trump was definitely guilty. Müller stressed that the United States was targeted by Russian political and cyber elements during the 2016 election campaign, and that American voters should pay attention to this important issue. The transformation of the US judiciary and prosecution into a Trump scarecrow has undermined US judicial independence to such an extent that Democrats cannot prevent the Republican Party from gaining complete control of the US judiciary, except by winning the 2020 or Senate elections.

by Giovanni Sorbello

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