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Racism; The Achilles heel of the Zionist regime to collapse from within

NourNewsZionist apartheid has reached a point where various cities in occupied Palestine have occasionally witnessed Jewish immigrants protesting the Zionist regime’s racial segregation, and widespread street protests in recent months, in addition to livelihood incentives over government inefficiency, have been strongly influenced by It is racial.

Changing the demographic structure of Palestine has been the main strategy of the Zionist regime during the seven decades of occupation of Palestine, because the generation of Jews for them guarantees the continuity of settlement and development of the regime and the main pillar of their security theory.

To counter this Achilles heel, the Zionists put on their agenda a strategy to encourage the migration of Jews from all over the world to occupied Palestine. Statistics show that the Muslim population growth in the 1948 occupied territories is the highest in the world and even among the Arab countries adjacent to the Zionist regime.

Demographers believe that although Jews make up 74 percent of the 9-million-strong population of occupied Palestine, given the growing Muslim population in the occupied territories, the population composition will soon change, with the main owners owning 20.9 percent. The population of Palestine will increase rapidly, and the Zionist effort to encourage Jews to emigrate to Palestine will not succeed.

To counter this growing trend of the Muslim population, the Zionists have put the development of Zionist settlements on their agenda, as they believe that by seizing water resources and reducing agricultural products and destroying Palestinian indigenous industries as a source of income for thousands of Palestinian families , The components of the continued survival of the Palestinians in their homeland are shaky and their average migration to different countries is increasing, predictions that, of course, never came true.

But this is not the only demographic challenge of the Zionists, because in the light of the pervasive culture of resistance among the Palestinian youth and the slowdown in the economic growth of the Zionist regime, on the one hand the Jewish immigrants lost motivation to stay in the Promised Land for economic and security reasons. On the other hand, the attractions for the arrival of new immigrants in occupied Palestine have diminished.

According to a study by the Herzliya Center entitled “Degree of National Authority”, the negative population growth of the Zionist regime poses a serious threat to the nature and identity of this fake regime, and this threat has accelerated, so that the general policies adopted so far. It has been ineffective in dealing with this threat.

In this regard, some statistics show that in exchange for the arrival of both Jewish immigrants in the Zionist-occupied territories, one Jew returns to his hometown, and according to government estimates, the reverse Jewish migration rate reaches 50% of the Jewish immigration rate to Palestine. It is occupied.

Nevertheless; All these challenges of the Zionists are not in the issue of population crisis because their different view of Jewish and non-Jewish citizens and even racial discrimination among Jewish immigrants is another challenge of this regime, a racist view that has existed since its inception and today is filthy. Social crises have opened up.

The culmination of this racial discrimination is summed up in the important law of “freedom and human dignity”, according to which the Zionist regime is a Jewish state, an unequal law that discriminates against Palestinians around the world.

According to the State Department’s annual human rights report, there is a range of social and legal discrimination against Christians, Muslims, and other Israeli citizens that does not grant Arabs equal rights with Jews in education, housing, employment, and social services.

The same discriminatory view is observed among the immigrant Jews, so that there are huge differences between the different ethnic groups of “Ashkenazi”, “Sephardi”, “Mizrahi”, “Flashheh”, etc. in different social dimensions and political and administrative opportunities.

The differences between the various groups of immigrants are such that sensitive government positions usually reach the Ashkenazis, from which eight presidents of the Zionist regime have been elected so far. But in the meantime, the situation is far more difficult for African-Americans of color known as the Flash, and the political structure has essentially rejected them as pure Jews.

Zionist apartheid has reached a point where, from time to time, various cities in occupied Palestine have witnessed Jewish immigrants protesting against Zionist racism, and widespread street protests in recent months, in addition to livelihood motives over government inefficiency, have been strongly influenced by It is racial.

The fact is that although the community of about seven million Israeli Jews is gathered as a unit of “Judaism” regardless of ethnicity, it is culturally the most heterogeneous community in the world.

This newly established community consists of immigrants from about 100 countries around the world with different cultures, which is the result of many social and political problems and challenges that the Zionist regime in the past seven decades by resorting to various methods, including focusing on its foreign enemy. Has managed to prevent these gaps from closing, which many believe will eventually pave the way for the occupiers to be swallowed up inside Palestine.

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