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President Rouhani Urges Majlis Cooperation ahead of Cabinet Vote of Confidence

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Iranian President Sheikh Hasan Rouhani said his administration will not be able to achieve its objectives without the cooperation of Majlis.

Addressing the Majlis ahead of a vote of confidence for his nominees for the remaining vacancies on the Cabinet on Sunday, Rouhani said, “The administration will not succeed on its path and in its missions if Majlis does not stand by the administration, and the administration by the Majlis, with full strength”.

Rouhani is attending the Majlis session to defend his nominees for the Ministries of Sports and Youth; Education; and Science, Research and Technology.

On October 19, Rouhani submitted the names of the nominees to Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani for their credentials to be reviewed by the Iranian lawmakers.

The Iranian president appointed caretakers for the three ministries after Majlis did not grant votes of confidence to the initially-proposed nominees during a four-day debate in August.

During the Sunday debate, Rouhani praised the three previous nominees, who did not receive the vote of confidence of Majlis – Mohammad Ali Najafi, Ja’far Mili Monfared and Massoud Soltanifar – as “valuable and competent” managers.

Rouhani urged Majlis to support the administration’s policy to avoid the creation of marginal issues as the country’s “special situation” necessitates national unity.

The Iranian president vowed that the Islamic Republic will overcome the current difficult situation through national unity and solidarity.

Rouhani added that Iran needs to defend its national rights, interests and objectives through logic and reasoning and by using the art of diplomacy at negotiations with other countries.

“Under such circumstances we need the support of all people and lawmakers”, the president said.

Source: Al Manar

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