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Pope Francis Describes as Drama Humanitarian Crisis in Syria and Iraq

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Pope Francis recognized the current crisis in Syria and Iraq as one of the worse humanitarian dramas of the last times, which leaves consequences in nations and culture.

The message from the Pontiff released here on Friday included a call to find a solution to this crisis, “which should never be violent, because violence only creates new wounds, and more violence”.

Francis also criticized the atrocities and the unprecedented violations of human rights that characterize these conflicts, and that are broadcasted by the media in real time.

“No one can pretend not to know them!,” the Supreme Pontiff said. “We all know this war gives an unbearable weight upon poor people’s backs”.

He also referred to the religious persecution that Christians and members of other religious minorities suffer in Syria and Iraq, due to the terrorist bands from the Islamic State (IE) and the Front al-Nusra, among others y said the international community “seems unable to find the right answers”.

“Many brothers and sisters are stalked because of their faith, expelled from their own lands, imprisoned or even murdered”, the religious leader highlighted.

The Pope remembered that for centuries, Christian and Muslim communities coexisted there on the grounds of mutual respect, but today it is wanted to take that right away, “on behalf of a violent fundamentalism that vindicates a religious origin”.

At the same time, the head of the Catholic Church called to pay special attention to the needs both material and spiritual of the weaker and defendless, particularly families, the elderly and the children.

Source: Abna news

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