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Photos of forcing Zionist soldier to release 12-year-old boy go viral

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Irna – Images of two Palestinian women and a young girl scuffling with an Israeli soldier after he tackled a Palestinian boy with a broken arm went viral after the images became widely circulated on social media networks and mainstream media outlets.

The incident took place in the central occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah, where local and international activists gather for weekly Friday rallies in protest against Israel’s separation wall as well as settlement expansion and other policies considered illegal under international law.

The rallies in Nabi Saleh were first organized in 2009 and have carried on every week since then.
In the photos, a Zionist soldier appears clinging to a boy from behind, attempting to detain the child who was later identified as Muhammad Basim Tamimi, 12, while his mother, Nariman Tamimi, his sister, Ahed Tamimi, and aunt, Manal Tamimi, attempt to pull the soldier off the boy.

In one of the images the sister is seen biting the Israeli soldier’s hand to force him to release her brother, Maan news agency reported. Two days before the incident, the twelve-year-old boy suffered a broken arm during an Israeli raid in the village and can be seen wearing a cast in the photos. During the scuffle, a mask was removed off the Israeli soldier’s face. The family eventually managed to free the boy and take him home. Mahmoud al-Tamimi and Marcus Got, an Italian activist, were arrested during the clashes Friday.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said that the incident took place during a ‘violent riot’ in Nabi Saleh. She said that Israeli forces attempted to arrest the boy after he was identified ‘hurling rocks.’

Source: Ma’an

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