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An overview of a week of Zionist incitement aimed at changing the balance of power

NourNews – Tel Aviv knows full well that it does not have the strength or courage to take military action against Iran, because such an insane action would pave the way for a comprehensive attack on the regime and the destruction of all its military and economic infrastructure and facilities in the shortest possible time. Over the past week, the Zionist regime, by lying about Iran’s involvement in the attack on an Israeli ship in the Oman Sea and bringing to the fore the political capacity of the United States, Britain and dissident media, has sparked a record-breaking controversy aimed to set up Iranophobia against Iran.

These developments took place while the regime, taking advantage of the relations it has established with the United Arab Emirates, established a large cyber operations center in the country a few months ago and by activating it, while sabotaging the air and sea navigation systems, It has sought to destabilize the region and create misunderstandings and conflicts between the countries of the Persian Gulf.

In addition to these measures, the Zionist regime yesterday, in an unprecedented move by directly threatening the Islamic Republic of Iran with military action, has begun to put pressure on other countries to gain political and security concessions in order to continue evil, sabotage and terrorist operations in the region.

Although this action of the Zionist regime was accompanied by a sharp reaction from the United Nations and the spokesman of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the countries that support this regime remained silent in the face of this unprecedented audacity.

Tel Aviv leaders have also persuaded their main backers, the United States and Britain, to submit to the UN Security Council allegations that Iran was involved in an attack on the regime’s ship in the Oman Sea. It is very clear that Tel Aviv knows very well that it does not have the strength and courage to take military action against Iran because such an insane action would pave the way for a comprehensive attack on this regime and the destruction of all its military and economic infrastructure and facilities in the shortest possible time.

The scandalous surprise of the regime’s defense systems against resistance missiles in Operation Saif al-Quds, as well as the failure of the Iron Dome system against Hezbollah’s retaliatory missile attack on the occupied Golan and Shabaa areas today, are clear evidence of the regime’s inability to defend itself against missiles. Is.

The current desperation of the Zionist regime against the Islamic Resistance Forces is in a situation where these forces have harassed Tel Aviv without any military support from the Islamic Republic of Iran, so even the idea of ​​Tel Aviv military action against Iran is stupid and insane and seems unlikely. The leaders of this regime have reached this level of stupidity and madness.

The scorched earth left for Netanyahu’s successors, on the one hand, and the growing power and spread of resistance thinking in the region, on the other, only a small example of which was displayed yesterday at the inauguration of the Iranian president, has caused great concern and disappointment to the dissidents.

Mr. Raisi’s emphasis on using diplomatic solutions in regional and international interactions has been further undermined, and the effect of their widespread psychological warfare against the new government has been thwarted by public opinion at home and abroad to portray the 13th government as extremist.

According to this, it seems that by disturbing the peace of the region from the Persian Gulf to Lebanon, Tel Aviv is actually seeking to impose a new balance on the region in order to pursue and achieve its demands, but they must look at the past and the current trend in Let the region learn and know that their evils against Iran will not go unanswered, and because they will always be answered at the right time and place, and in the manner and means determined by the Islamic Republic.

by Pooya Mirzaei

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