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Over 50 militiamen deaths on lebanese-syrian border

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Over 50 armed men were killed and dozens injured on Sunday after being targeted by the Syrian Arab Army and border forces in Talkalakh countryside on the Syrian-Lebanese borders, a well-informed security source told al-Ahed News website. The security source pointed out, “The army reacted to the terrorists’ gunfire and launching of several mortars and missiles from Lebanese territories and Lebanese-Syrian borders, particularly al-Mkaylbah and Wadi Khaled, to Talkalakh in Homs. This resulted in dozens of civilian injuries of men , women, and children”. Moreover, the source stated, “The missiles fell on Baayoun village, al-Mashrafa village, and borderline checkpoints, which resulted in massive physical damage on homes”. The source further noted “the armed groups’ escalation of terrorism on the Syrian-Lebanese borderline, and its attempt to smuggle huge numbers of armed men from Halat, Edline, and Oyoun al-Shaara, “Reiterating”, The Syrian Army and borderline forces’ were able to fail such attempts. ” Syrian army’s Advance to Old Aleppo Neighborhoods Furthermore, units of the Syrian Army were able to advance, for the second day in a row, to Aleppo’s old Neighborhoods through qualitative operations executed in al-Bayada and Aghyour. In this context, a field source told al -Ahed website, “The Army cleared the Sheraton, Bab Nasr, Hatab Square, and the Angelic Church.” “The Syrian Army’s infantry advanced through the Kalasa – Bab Antaqia – Bostan al-Qaser axis, as well as targeted headquarters of the” Free Syrian Army”.

“Mortars in Damascus On another note, terrorist groups launched mortars on Sunday noon near the Damascene Youhanna School behind al-Salib Church, yet damages were only physical. Al-Ahed website Learnt from well-informed sources that the Army’s units had executed intensive operations on Sunday in surrounding farms of Marej al-Sultan in al-Ghouta, Damascus countryside. The Army was also able to eliminate dozens of armed Militiamen in Adra and destroy ammunition warehouses.

Source: al-Ahed News

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