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Obama reiterates commitment to Israel: Iran year or so from nuclear bomb, all options on table

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U.S. President Barack Obama claimed that “Iran is more than a year away from developing a nuclear weapon, but that does not mean the United States will wait for it to become a reality”.

However, U.S. intelligence officials stated they do not believe Iran has decided to develop a nuclear weapon, CNN reported. In an interview on Israeli Channel 2 TV, Obama stated that his message to Netanyahu during his visit to Israel would be much the same as it has previously been. “If we can resolve it Diplomatically, that’s a more lasting solution. If not, I continue to keep all options on the table”, he noted. “I’ve also said there is a window-not an infinite period time, but a window of time-where we can resolve this Diplomatically”, Obama stressed. Obama’s three-day visit to Israel next week is described as an opportunity for him to Accentuate the United States’ commitment to Israel’s security. Our goal is that Iran does not possess a nuclear weapon that could threaten Israel or trigger an arms race in the region that would be extremely dangerous. “Regarding the so-called Peace process with the Palestinians, Obama said nothing of coming to the region with any concrete plans on how to move the process forward, but rather that his goal was to listen to both sides and hear their strategies and visions. Obama claimed the only path forward was for the “Israelis” and Palestinians to get back into negotiations, and that during his visit he would explore “whether that can happen soon or whether there needs to be further work on the ground”.

Obama said he would tell Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that running around Israel to the UN will not be successful, and that he would tell Netanyahu that “he should have an interest in strengthening the moderate leadership in the PA and make sure issues like settlements are viewed through the lens of ‘is this making it Easier or harder for Palestinian Moderates to sit down at the table’ “?

“It was in Israel’s interest to be able to talk to the Arab street”, the U.S. President added.

Moreover, Obama reiterated his commitment to Israel by saying he “has always admired the Jewish people’s connection to the land”. He also addressed his relationship with Netanyahu, calling what has widely been perceived as a strained relationship a “terrific, business-like relationship”.

“I’ve met with Bibi more than any other world leader one-on-one”, he said. “He is very blunt with me about his views on issues, and I am very blunt with him about my views on issues. And we get stuff done. We could not coordinate militarily or on the intelligence side had it not been for our capacity to work together”.

Source: News Agencies

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