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Obama on Iran: ’We Won’t Take Military Option off the Table’

Local Editor

US President Barack Obama told the Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday that the US “won’t take any options off the table, including military action”, to make sure Iran does not get nuclear weapons.

Obama engaged with Netanyahu at the White House in Washington Monday morning and assured that Washington will enter negotiations with Tehran with a “clear eye”, emphasizing that it will be in “close consultation” with all its allies.

According to the Associated Press, Obama said during Monday’s meeting that words were not sufficient with regards to Rouhani’s promise, and vowed to leave all options on the table — including authorizing the use of military force.

Netanyahu responded, according to Haaretz, that if “Iran is committed to the destruction of the Zionist entity, it must be forced to fully dismantle its nuclear program”.

The Israeli PM also called on Obama to tighten economic sanctions on Iran if it continues its nuclear advances during a coming round of talks with the West, saying, “Those pressures must be kept in place”.

Last Friday, Obama spoke with Rouhani for roughly 10 minutes over the phone. The event marked the first time that a US and Iranian leader engaged in a discussion in over three decades.

Source: Al Manar

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