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North Korea Moves Second Missile to Coast

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North Korea moved Friday two intermediate range missiles to its east coast and loaded them on mobile launchers, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said Friday, citing a top government official.

The Defense Ministry, which had confirmed the movement of one missile the day before, declined to comment on the new report. “It has been confirmed that North Korea, early this week, transported two Musudan mid-range missiles by train to the east coast and loaded them on vehicles equipped with launch pads”, Yonhap quoted the official as saying. It marks the latest incremental move by North Korea which, incensed at fresh UN sanctions and South Korea-US military drills, has issued a series of apocalyptic warnings of nuclear war in recent weeks. The United States said Thursday it was taking  all necessary precautions against the threats emanating from Pyongyang. The government official said the vehicles carrying the missiles were apparently hidden in special underground facilities. “The North is apparently intent on firing the missiles without prior warning”, he added. The Musudan has never been tested, but is believed to have a range of around 3,000 kilometers, which could Theoretically be pushed to 4,000 with a light payload. That would cover any target in South Korea and Japan, and possibly even reach U.S. military bases located on the Pacific island of Guam. On Thursday, North Korea said a preemptive nuclear war with the United States “could break out today or tomorrow”.

“The moment of explosion is approaching fast… The US had better ponder over the prevailing grave situation”, said the General Staff of the North Korean People’s Army. 

Earlier in the d ay, the North Korean army said it received final approval for a nuclear attack on the U.S. in response to Washington’s threats.

Source: News Agencies

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