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New Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria’s Damascus

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Damascus woke up early on Sunday as a wave of blasts rocked its countryside, with the Syrian sources stressing the attacks were Israeli raids.

Syrian media reported that the airstrikes targeted the Jamraya military research center in the Eastern Ghouta region.
The attack is the Zionist entity’s second this week against targets inside Syria and also its second this year on the Jamraya facility, following a January 30 raid.

Tel Aviv confirmed that its warplanes had hit a “game-changing” target in Syria on Friday.
“The new Israeli attack is an attempt to raise the morale of the terrorist groups which have been reeling from strikes by our noble army”, the Syrian state television said.

The Israeli attack “aims at loosening the noose around the terrorists in the eastern Ghouta” region, near Damascus, the state television added.

For its part, the Syrian opposition activist group, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, also reported large explosions in the area of Jamraya.

Russia Today television reported that the raids were followed by failed attempts by armed groups to enter the Syrian capital.

It said that militants made bids to enter Damascus and the military positions located between the capital and its countryside, leading to the outbreak of clashes between the armed groups and the Syrian army.

Security sources told al-Manar that the Syrian Air Defense hit an Israeli warplane during its raid on Damascus.
On the other hand, the Associated Press claimed the airstrikes targeted “extremely accurate guided Iranian-made missiles intended for Hezbollah”.

For his part, Israeli lawmaker, Shaul Mofaz who is a former defense minister, said that the aim of Damascus airstrike is to respond to Iran and to hinder the buildup of Hezbollah’s power.

Earlier on Saturday, US President Braack Obama said it was the Zionist entity’s “right to launch airstrikes on Syria”.

“Israel has the right to protect itself” from what he called advanced weapons shipments to Lebanon.

Source: Al-Manar

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