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Nasrallah: We Support Syrian Resistance, We’ll Receive Game-Changing Arms

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Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah declared readiness of Lebanese Resistance to receive any game-changing weapons the Syrian Arab Republic might offer, stressing that Resistance stands by the side of Syrian popular resistance until liberating the occupied Golan.

During a televised speech he delivered on the Al-Nour Radio silver jubilee ceremony held at Risalat Hall in Beirut on Thursday, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that Syrian leadership prove its strength of nerve and its wise leadership that oversees the battle with the Zionists through a strategic mind, pointing out that this defiant and resistant axis has made achievements and toppled a lot of colonial schemes through steadfastness and prudence.

We – the Resistance – declare we are ready to receive any game-changing weapons, and we are ready to possess and protect them, and use them to defeat the aggression against our people, our land and our holy places”, his eminence said.

Hezbollah Secretary General made it clear that the true goal behind the latest Zionist raids against Syria was to harm its capabilities, to remove it from the conflict equation against the enemy, and to tell the Syrians that continuing to supply Resistance with military aid will lead to their regime downfall.

However, Sayyed Nasrallah noted that Syria responded to the Zionist aggression by foiling all its goals through its persistent support to the Lebanese Resistance and opening the door to popular resistancein its occupied territories of Golan.

“Tell me about a single Arab regime or state of the supporters of the Arab Spring who have dared to offer the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine a rocket or a single bullet”, Sayyed Nasrallah stated.

Reiterating that Syria has long been a conduit for Iranian weapons bound for Resistance in Lebanon, his eminence went on to say that “everyone knows what Syria has offered to resistance movements, especially in Lebanon and Palestine”.

The same as Syria stood by Lebanon, we – the Resistance in Lebanon – declare that we will stand by the Syrian popular resistance that is aimed at liberating the Syrian Golan”.

Commenting on the Russian-U.S. talks on a political solution for the Syrian crisis, Sayyed Nasrallah said “it is shameful that the U.S. is being depicted as Syria’s savior”, stating that Arabs are climbing the debris of Syria giving the Americans what they want, due to their assumption that Iran is besieged.

Turning to the Palestinian cause, the priority of Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech, his eminence indicated that Arab regimes are dealing with the Palestinians as if they are a historical burden, which they wanted to get rid of since long time but they didn’t have the courage to do so.

“For those who want to preserve al-Aqsa Mosque and the Christian holy sites, and for those who want to bring back Jerusalem to the Palestinian people and to the Ummah, resistance is their only choice. The choice is neither the Arab League nor the U.N., the choice has always been the resistance”, Sayyed Nasrallah said.

“Today, the risks threatening the Palestinian cause are the land and the identity”, he added, stressing that recognizing the Jewish nature of the Occupied Land means the battle is over, and all what’s happening in the region is helping the enemy to grab chances after the extreme state of horror it lived during the Arab Spring and peoples’ awakening.

“Unfortunately we’re a nation that wastes a lot of chances”, his eminence stated.

“Palestinian people were aspiring that Arab Spring might make Arabs more adherent to their rights, but the scene of the Arab foreign ministers making a dangerous compromise, with the U.S. secretary of state sitting in the middle, indicates that the Palestinian cause is in danger”, he added.

“Unfortunately, there are people who believe that priority is somewhere else. It is not the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but it is how to drag Syria and Iraq into war, and how to push Lebanon into the abyss”, Hezbollah Secretary General said.

“Arabs are unwilling to pay for bread for the Sunni Muslims of Somalia dying of hunger or to aid the Syrian refugees in Lebanon or to give real support for the Jerusalemites to stay in their land, but they are willing to pay compensations for the Jews”, he was quoted as saying.

Sayyed Nasrallah expressed beliefs that what required from Arab regimes “is a formal Arab recognition – not only a Palestinian one – of the Jewish nature of State, which poses cultural, humanitarian, economic, security and demographic threats”.

Praising the Jordanian Parliamentary stance regarding its vote on relations with the Zionist entity, Sayyed Nasrallah told the Palestinians that they won’t find anyone to stand by their side other than those who have stood by them since years, noting that the Palestinians benefit from any serious efforts to achieve a political settlement in Syria and prevent its fall into the hands of the Takfiris, the Americans and the Zionists.

Touching on the Palestinian resistance factions, his eminence revealed that if a day to come when Palestinian brothers unfold what they whisper in private meetings, they will say that “no one offered support for us as offered by President Bashar al-Assad”.

Addressing the Lebanese internal affairs, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that national unity requires a real national partnership cabinet to be formed and the parliamentary elections to be held on time, reiterating Hezbollah’s commitment to the Orthodox Gathering proposal and the party’s refusal of political vacuum.

On the Lebanese pilgrims kidnapped in Syria’s Aazaz around a year ago, his eminence revealed that Hezbollah has done what should be done and things will take a positive course.

“Government must shoulder the rest of the file”, he added.

Also on the rockets fired by Syrian insurgents on Lebanon and landed in Hermel northern region, Sayyed Nasrallah vowed that the party will address the issue “and God willing there will be a solution”.

Thursday’s ceremony commemorated the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Hezbollah’s al-Nour radio station, which Sayyed Nasrallah said it has been committed to credibility and honesty along its course.

“According to our experience, honesty is the power point of any psychological war we fought against the enemy”, his eminence stated.

Thanking all workers at al-Nour for their steadfastness and faith, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the radio station was launched as part of the resistance course “with emerging experience, great hope for the future and self-confidence that we are capable of making victory”.

“The most serious dilemma faced by many of the world and Arab media is the lack of credibility, disinformation and fabrication of facts, as well as lying in politics, relations and news”, his eminence said, pointing at the true mission of media outlets in reporting news without inventing or fabricating stories.

“Media of Resistance was able to help the Nation to steadfast, to indicate the right and defend Resistance against accusations of terrorism and subordination”, he noted.

“Media of Resistance will keep on performing this Jihadi duty along with all Resistance facilities looking confidently to victory”, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah vowed in his speech.

Source: Al-Manar Tv

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