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Nasrallah salutes resistance members, their families

Mehr News Agency – Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah expressed deep gratitude to those wounded during the resistance against the arrogance.

Speaking on the seventh night of the mourning month of Muharram late on Wednesday, Nasrallah saluted those wounded during resistance and hailed their families and said those who are always present in the resistance fronts do not spare any effort to counter the external threats. “We salute them for their sincerity and for continuing on this path despite the wounds and difficulties surrounding them.

The Hezbollah chief also referred to the recent aggression by the Israeli regime, saying “What happened in southern Lebanon yesterday is an important and sensitive matter for us, but I will not comment on it now and I will leave that for later.”

Lebanon’s al-Manar television channel announced late on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation forces had fired phosphorus bombs at Lebanese territories in the southern towns of Houla and Mays al-Jabal.

Witnesses also said the Israeli regime had fired dozens of illumination flares at border villages in southern Lebanon over what the regime claimed was a “security-related incident.”

Israeli media initially said the firing was amid concerns over a possible infiltration near Kibbutz Menara in the Upper Galilee area, located near the Lebanese border and the Israeli-occupied side of Golan.

Following the developments, Lebanon’s Supreme Defense Council announced it will file a complaint with the United Nations Security Council about the Israelis’ attempt at escalation.

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