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Nasrallah to Criminal Geagea: Beware, Hezbollah Has 100,000 Well-Trained Fighters

Al-ManarHezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah tackled on Monday all the dimensions of the Lebanese Forces Party attack on the peaceful protesters in Tayouneh area on October 14, warning its leader, Samir Geagea against leading the country into a civil war.

Nasrallah: Hezbollah has always been supporting and defending the Christians

Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that Hezbollah has always been supporting and defending the Christians, clarifying that revealing Hezbollah military capabilities aims at deterring the civil war, not causing it.

His eminence warned Geagea that Hezbollah possesses 100,000 well-trained fighters, calling on the Lebanese Forces to behave themselves and stay polite.

Treacherous Atrocities of Criminal Samir Geagea in Brief

When the Lebanese Forces snipers were ordered by their leader, Samir Geagea, to open fire at the peaceful protesters in Tayouneh area on Thursday, October 14, they carried out the deadly plan which reflects a long history of criminality.

A long report would not be enough to highlight all Geagea atrocities, so we would provide just a brief reminder of his despicable history.

Geagea assassinated the former prime minister Rashid Karami, son of late President Suleiman Franjieh with his wife and daughter, the politician Dani Chamoun with his wife and kids, Monsignor Albert Khraish, a considerable number of the Army officers, and a large number of innocent civilians.

It is worth noting that Geagea used to carry out his crimes in treacherous manners that he used to reassure the victim before the murder in order to surprise him and attempt to conceal the corpse in a remote location to let the accusations be thrown on other suspects.

Seven martyrs and around 30 injured were reported during the armed attack carried out by the “Lebanese Forces” gunmen on the peaceful protestors in Tayouneh area on Thursday, October 14. The protesters were demonstrating against the politicized decisions of Al-Bitar.

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