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Naameh Detainees: Car Bombs Target Resistance Public Areas

Lebanese General Security asserted that Naameh car bomb was processed to be detonated. The target was all the public areas of the resistance, not only the southern suburb of Beirut (Dahiyeh), security sources told Al-Manar.

The sources described arresting the terrorist network as a great achievement since it prevented vanishing the souls of dozens of civilians.

The General Security had confiscated Naameh car anddet… GS arrested a number of the gang members, yet two of its most dangerous members fled away.

The General Security accordingly circulated their photos:
Mohammad Qassem al-Ahmad (Lebanese 1983)
Saeed Mohammad Bahri (Lebanese 1985)

A General security statement mentioned that who have been arrested are the Lebanese Tarek Tabara, and the Palestinians Ahmad Saeed and his brother, Khaled.

Ahmad Saeed, who has a close relation with Ahmad al-Assir’s brother (Amjad), leads the gang and induces its members to carry out terrorist acts as he preaches in one of Naameh mosques, guiding his followers towards “jihad”.

In Ersal, a Lebanese, in his twenties, was arrested over involvement in the car bombs file as well as weaponry trade. In this context, H. Hojayry was also arrested over embroilment in Bir al-Abed explosion last July.

The General Security Directorate stressed that its measures are in the context of coping with the terrorist networks that threaten the national security and stability.

Source: Al Manar

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