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Myanmar’s crimes against Muslims kills Nobel Peace Prize

Mehr News – Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian Leader, has emphasized the need to exert political and economic pressure on the brutal government to stop killing of Muslims.

“Today, we live in a world of oppression and Iran is proud to announce its stances against the status quo,” said Iran’s Leader on Tuesday morning while addressing out of jurisprudence curriculum ‘Kharej Fiqh’ which is a high stage of Islamic seminary courses.

Referring to disastrous events in Myanmar, he strongly criticized silence and tolerance of international communities and human rights defenders in the face of these calamities and emphasized that the only way out of the ongoing scourge was applying political and economic pressure on the brutal Myanmar government. He later reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran had to courageously declare its position against oppression in any part of the world.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that Myanmar’s disaster was far more than a religious confrontation between Muslims and Buddhists adding “indeed, religious strife may have affected the incident but the issue is mainly a political case led by the government of Myanmar.”

Given that the merciless woman leading the government of the Southeast Asian country has interestingly won the Noble Peace Prize, recent disasters will certainly lead to death of the prominent award, he underlined.

Leader of Islamic Revolution later noted that these catastrophes were being witnessed by Islamic states and international communities as well as hypocritical governments who falsely claim that the brutal Myanmar government is a defender of human rights.

Ayatollah Khamenei, while criticizing the UN Secretary-General for merely condemning crimes in Myanmar, added “human rights defenders, who sometimes raise controversies and rage when a criminal is punished in a country, are showing no reaction to killing and displacing tens of thousands of people in Myanmar.”

He later urged Islamic governments to show reaction and take practical steps, said “of course, instead of igniting a real war against the Southeast Asian government, they need to tighten political, economic and trade pressure on the government of Myanmar and to castigate against these crimes in global gatherings.”

He called for holding of an OIC conference on the subject of Myanmar’s disasters noting “the world today is a world of oppression, and the Islamic Republic enjoys the honor that it will fight against tyranny anywhere in the world, be it in areas occupied by the Zionists or in Yemen, Bahrain or Myanmar.”

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