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Mufti Hassoun: Damascus Not Occupied, Sayyed Nasrallah Our Brother

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Grand Mufti of Syria Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun stressed that the feverish war imposed on Syria is targeting its history, culture and civilization, praising Sayyed Nasrallah’s latest speech.

Hassoun, during a symposium of the Ministry of Tourism at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus said that the conspirators against Syria have devoted all their capabilities of money, weapons and media to spread chaos in Syria and Arab World in service of western countries and the Zionist entity, SANA reported.

He commended the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah that if Damascus fell the resistance would fall, adding that “Sayyed Nasrallah is not an occupier, he’s our brother in religion, belief and resistance”.

Hassoun denounced some words and comparisons by some people when they describe “our brothers in the Islamic Republic with Magis and Safawis”, stressing that “they are our brothers in Islam with the testimony of There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah”.

The Mufti pointed out that the support for terrorists in Syria under the pretexts of democracy and freedom is aiming to redraw a new map to the region as Sykes-Picot agreement after the First World War.

Source: Al Manar

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