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MP Moussawi Says Hezbollah Facing Period Similar to July War

Local Editor

Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Nawwaf Al-Moussawi considered on Sunday that “Lebanon is passing through a period very similar to that of the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006, which we are passing through its memory now, as today, we are witnessing a different type of aggression targeting the resistance and the whole nation”.

Speaking at the “Islamic Resistance Support Organization’s” annual iftar in Tyr, Moussawi said that “the national benefit requires forming a national unity government, not a fait accompli government or a neutral government or a government in which a large component of society is excluded. The national benefit today requires that all parts attend parliament and cabinet sessions to discuss political differences and reach agreements on them”.

“But in contrast, what do we see? Is the Future party committing to any national benefit? In contrary, it is following the policy of escalation and confrontation, and is initiating in creating problems, obstacles, and conditions to form a government fait accompli, unlike the diversity Lebanon represents in reality”, he added.

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP further indicated that “Future party has been waging a focused war on the resistance and Hezbollah, and cooperating with its foreign allies in that.”

“The Future party is waging today a campaign on the government formation process. It does not want a government which reflects Lebanon, it rather wants a government in which it can impose its will, a Future party government and no one else’s…” he added.

Regarding the incitements against the Lebanese Army, MP Moussawi asked: “How dare they put the Army under accusation, while the Future party is seeking to release criminals and murderers? They are the ones who supported the inciting groups in Sidon since the beginning until they were defeated, and they did not settle for that, as after these groups were defeated they tried to punish the Lebanese Army for that”.

Source: Al Manar

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