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MP Fadlallah: For an Electoral Law That Represents All Lebanese Components

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Member of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah stated that Lebanon’s strategic location with Palestine is a cause for “Israeli” greed and consecutive wars on Lebanon. In a seminar held by the Southern Educational Club in the American University of Beirut, MP Fadlallah added, “The Lebanese citizen’s relation with the government has become related to his sectarian roots”, stressing, “the only way out of the sectarian scene is to Reconstruct the government and culture of citizenship according to national concepts”. “The necessary path is through an electoral law that produces a national authority representing all Lebanese components”, he added. “Why do not we try a national electoral law that is cohesive with the constitution?” Fadlallah questioned. “We are open to any serious reform and development of the political system”, he reiterated, Underscoring, “the government we want focuses on Lebanon’s strengths thanks to the Army-People-Resistance balance”. “We support a government that is based on the concept of unity and coexistence between Muslims and Christians, and condone all pressures and provocations to prevent Lebanon from being dragged into secession”, he stated. Moreover, MP Fadlallah Accentuated, “the secession that is being prepared for Lebanon strikes its very existence”. Regarding the Prime Minister’s resignation, MP Fadlallah stated, “There are constitutional mechanisms that specify how the government should resign, and we did not intervene in the PM’s decision, neither by supporting or preventing, which Invalidates all previous allegations that the government is Hizbullah’s or that Hizbullah controls its decision”. “The government achieved a lot for the whole country, and also failed in various topics like any other government, however its circumstances were more difficult for two reasons: the amount of pressure it received domestically , and the grave events of Syria, which are two factors that can Paralyze any government, “member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc stated“. All options are on the table, and we are still deliberating, however we are not in a position to form a neutral government because neutrality is Inexistent. Deliberations on a neutral or Technocrat government are valid for anything other than the Lebanese political system”, Fadlallah stressed. 

Source: al-Ahed News

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