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Mikati Resigned, What’s next?!

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Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced his resignation Thursday night after a cabinet session in which he failed to pass the extension of Internal Security Forces Chief Ashraf Rifi’s term and the formation of the committee to oversee the elections. 
In a Televised address to the Lebanese, Mikati confirmed that all political forces must shoulder their responsibilities to “pull Lebanon out of the unknown”. 
“I’m addressing you today as a brother, hoping my speech will lead to a better security and economic situation in Lebanon”, he stated . 
He further noted that his city [Tripoli] is bleeding and bidding farewell to Martyrs, the city that I always want to see at the Forefront of all cities”. 
“From the very first moment I began my political career, I’ve been trying to seek solutions and I never Hesitated in exerting efforts to protect the country”, Mikati added. 
The premier stressed that he exerted all efforts possible “for the sake of a free country”. 
Counting reasons behind his resignation, Mikati said “it seems that no new law will be approved within the constitutional timeframe and the formation of the committee to oversee the elections was impeded”.  “I found out that it is necessary for Maj. Gen.Rifi to carry on with his duties in order to protect the (ISF) institution”, he added. He underlined that dialogue is the” only way to rescue Lebanon, “calling for the formation of a salvation government. In parallel, Mikati stressed there was no alternative to National Dialogue sponsored by President Suleiman to rescue Lebanon and end political divisions that were a result of the bloody 2-year-old conflict in Syria.“Dialogue sponsored by the president is inevitable. There is no way for Lebanon’s salvation and protection except through this dialogue that opens the way for the formation of a salvation government in which all Lebanese political forces are represented to shoulder the responsibility of saving the country”, he added. He revealed that he had thought about resigning twice. “The first was over the financing of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the second upon the martyrdom of Maj. Gen.Wissam al-Hasan”, he added. “I have hope in my mind and heart because through our solidarity, we can push our country away from the edge of strife”, said Mikati.

Source: News Agencies

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