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Livni: Netanyahu Shouldn’t be PM, He’s Weak and Frightened

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After being fired from the government, “Israeli” minister Tzipi Livni attacked her former boss Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday morning, calling him a “weak” and “frightened” man.

“Netanyahu is a frightened man. Unfortunately, he passed on this fear to large parts of the public,” Livni said at an interview in Ynet’s studio.

She further added: “It is our obligation to say: We have a prime minister truly under a lot of threats, but his ability to function is very low. And there’s a massive gap between the character seen in speeches – the very impressive appearance – to his very small political conduct behind closed doors, even in difficult situations.”

“The public need to be told of this gap, because at the end of the day we elect the person sitting in the [prime minister’s] chair. I’m not making accusations. It’s not personal between me and him. The issue is the personality of the person in the chair.”

The former minister went on to describe Netanyahu’s conduct behind closed doors.

“The prime minister’s entire worldview is based on the assumption that no matter what we do – the world is against us. For years, he actually got the public feeling this way. The public needs to understand it went through a few years of brainwashing. We became a paranoid entity. He turned “Israel” into a ghetto.”

When asked whether or not she will join another Netanyahu government, Livni asserted that “Netanyahu should not be the prime minister. I’m working to replace him. That’s why I don’t see myself in the future sitting in such a government.”

Source: Al-Ahednews

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