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Lies for the purpose of filing cases; Where was the second man of al-Qaeda killed?!

NourNews – This unprecedented amount of American lies, which was pumped into the Western media, is the first step in a scenario in which Democrats, after securing the White House, aim to increase pressure on Iran in the US transition and accuse Tehran in support of terrorism. A few days ago, the New York Times, the Democratic media organ in the United States, claimed in a news item that smelled more than the reality of psychological operations, that “Abu Mohsen al-Masri,” al-Qaeda’s No. 2 man, was killed by Israeli elements in Tehran at US request.

The New York Times reported that al-Masri, one of the main suspects in the US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and his daughter Maryam were assassinated by Mossad agents in Tehran on August 7, 2020.

A day after the news broke, the Associated Press quoted four current and former US officials who did not want to be named, emphasizing the New York Times report on bilateral cooperation between the United States and the Zionist regime in the alleged operation.

The news that the New York Times and the Saudi media of Iran International related to the murder of two Lebanese nationals in Tehran this summer was, of course, denied by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh on Saturday denied any presence of al-Qaeda members in Iran, calling the issue part of a comprehensive economic, intelligence and psychological war against Iran.

Interestingly, media outlets affiliated with Western intelligence services such as Radio Farda and Deutsche Welle covered the news at the time of the killing of two Lebanese nationals in Tehran, with the theme “Two Lebanese were killed in Tehran.”

On the other hand; Afghanistan also denied the New York Times news and announced the Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan in this regard: “Abu Mohsen Al-Masri” was killed by Afghan security forces in Ghazni province.

“Hussam Abdul Rauf, known as Abu Mohsen al-Masri, the second al-Qaeda operative, was killed by Afghan National Security Forces in the Andar area of Ghazni province,” Mirwais Nab said. This issue has been officially approved by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. We did not see any trace of him after that.

It seams; This unprecedented amount of American lies, which was pumped into the Western media, is the first step in a scenario in which Democrats, after securing the White House, aim to increase pressure on the US transition to Iran and accuse Tehran. In support of terrorism.

In fact, this scenario seeks to create a negative atmosphere against Iran in the international community in order to use it in the coming months, relying on Iran’s support for terrorism, to provide a platform for “consensus building” against our country.

At the same time, according to many documents, Iran is the biggest victim of terrorism and the main real force in the fight against terrorism, and it has suffered a lot from this issue.

Of course, there is another reason for this blatant lying by the Americans, which is due to the deadly blows that the CIA and Mossad intelligence services have received in recent months from Iran’s flawed intelligence-security actions in various cases, especially in trapping terrorist and infiltrating elements. They have eaten with them and with this big lie they have asked to pretend that it is easy for them to carry out operations in Tehran. Lies!

by Mohammad Ghaderi

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