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Liberation of Al-Quds Main Goal of Resistance Front

Tasnim – The head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council said the liberation of Jerusalem al-Quds from the Israeli occupation is the main goal of the resistance front in the region.

The main goal of the regional resistance front is to secure the liberation of Jerusalem (al-Quds) from Israeli occupation, and that all have a “duty” to prepare for a confrontation with the Zionist regime to realize that objective, Seyed Hashem Safieddine told Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television channel on Tuesday. He also pointed to the upcoming International Quds Day, emphasizing the importance of commemorating the “precious” occasion.

Every year, millions of Muslims and supporters of the Palestinian cause mark the occasion across the world on the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan to underscore the plight of Palestinians, heeding a call by the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Safieddine said, “We are perfectly ready to confront any act of aggression or instance of folly that the Zionist regime could commit. The resistance movement is currently assured and well aware of its approach and choices in the event of such a confrontation with the enemy,” he added. The movement, however, is not seeking war and is not working to ignite one, the official noted.

Safieddine further highlighted a string of defeats Israel has suffered in the face of the regional resistance front over the past years, including in the wars the regime waged against Lebanon in 2000 and 2006. “The (Israeli) army, which had been described as invincible, was subdued and suffered defeat,” he said, according to Press TV.

The Zionist regime is currently caught in a “tight spot” as it has fallen short of answering questions that have to do with military affairs, Safieddine said. Meanwhile, Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem likewise reaffirmed the movement’s readiness to deal with any Israeli act of aggression.

Today, Israel is having a hard time making waves inside Lebanon because it knows that Hezbollah is well-equipped and prepared for retaliation in case of any Israeli aggression. Cited by Lebanon’s al-Ahed news website, the movement’s second-in-command said the Israelis themselves “assess everything well and know that the party that liberated its country (Lebanon)’s soil in 2006 is well capable of confronting them.”

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